Development? ICT Mentoring - personal and professional advancement for women in IT professions

ICT mentoring ...

... is for women who are working professionally in informatics, are interested in computer science or are completing training in this area and have a specific question.
... is for experienced men and women in informatics, who are ready to assist mentees.

As a
mentee, you will receive advice and support from an experienced colleague, you can tackle issues that concern you at the moment, specifically with your mentor and at the same time build up your professional network.
As a mentor, you will get a deeper look into the issues and opinions of "younger" professional colleagues, expand your existing network in the industry, let others profit from your experience, and gain inspiration for your own work in technical and methodological aspects.

  • ICT Mentoring is supported by an online platform to help bring mentees together with the right mentor.
  • We host sporadic workshops on mentoring to develop new directions for this project.


The ICT mentoring program was launched in 2004 and is available to members within of the section "donna informatica" for a fee. All experienced men and women of the SI are welcome to serve as mentors.


Contact: Priscilla Altorfer, Program Manager, ICT mentoring, priska.altorfer(at)