SGAICO Annual Assembly and Workshop


27.11.2013 9:30 AM - 27.11.2013 17 PM
EPFL Building BC, Room 410, 1015 Lausanne

The annual assembly and workshop of SGAICO provides a forum of exchange among swiss researchers and industry practitioners interested in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.


Minutes of the SGAICO Assembly Meeting in Lausanne, Nov 27, 2013


Plans for 2014
- The next SGAICO event is the Data Science Workshop organized by ZHAW Datalab, Dr. Thilo Stadelmann.
- The next SGAICO Assembly and Workshop will be held at the University of Basel in Fall 2014, hosted by the AI group of Prof. Malte Helmert.

SGAICO organization
- The core team will continue to run SGAICO. It currently consists of Klaus Bena, Jana Koehler, Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, Thilo Stadelmann, Rene Schumann. As Klaus is currently struggling with some health problems, the overall coordination will be done by Jana.
- We plan to hold elections of a new president and board at the next Assembly in Fall 2014.

SGAICO Mission
-  Members agreed that SGAICO should mostly focus on increasing the publicity of AI/CS in Switzerland and on advertising AI work by coordinating AI/CS activities. AI/CS  research has made signifcant progress and the importance of AI-based technology is growing. Some breakthrough applications can be expected in the near future. SGAICO should help in promoting AI/CS work in Switzerland and become a contact point for interested parties (Public, Education, Industry).

SGAICO Website
- We agreed to invite AI/CS Groups to have their web pages linked to the SGAICO website to provide an overview on AI/CS work in Switzerland. Coordination: Jana Koehler
- In addition, a list of AI-related courses will be added to the website. Coordination: Thilo Stadelmann

AI Courses in University Education
- Students show an increased interest in AI-related courses, but the offer at each university is limited. Members agreed to exchange information on their AI courses. In a second step, we want to explore opportunities to offer cross-university AI education in the form of a summer school or block week with credits being granted and accepted by all universities.
Coordination: Thilo Stadelmann

Importance of Cognitive Science
- Members agreed that Cognitive Science is an important subarea and its connection to the more Computer Science-oriented AI should be strengthened. 

Longer Term Activities
- The U Basel AI Group has been contacted to hold the german KI conference in Switzerland in 2015 or later. We agreed that SGAICO will support the opportunity to bring a larger AI-related event to Switzerland to the extent possible. Furthermore, SGAICO will coordinate its activities with this event, perhaps offer student grants, hold a Phd Seminar, provide tutorials. To be explored further. Coordination: Malte Helmert


Our annual assembly and workshop was a lifely event with an interesting list of talks (see below).




09:00 Coffee & Croissants      
09:30 09:45 Welcome at EPFL Boi Faltings/Jana Koehler EPFL/HSLU
09:45 10:15 talk 1 Wolfgang Schachner CEPIAG CEPIAG_III: an environment to simulate psychogenetical constructions
10:15 10:45 talk 2 Erö Csaba EPFL Data-driven building process of a multi-scale mouse-brain for closed-loop simulations
10:45 11:00 Coffee Break      
11:00 11:30 talk 3 Berat Denizdurduran EPFL A computational model of musculoskeletal system
11:30 12:00 talk 4 Jean-Daniel Dessimoz HESSO.HEIG-VD A Mutual Perspective of Artificial Cognition and Philosophy 
12:00 12:30 talk 5 Goran Radanovic EPFL A Robust Bayesian Truth Serum for Non-binary Signals
12:30 13:00 talk 6 Marina Boia EPFL A :) Is Worth a Thousand Words: How People Attach Sentiment to Emoticons and Words in Tweets
13:00 14:00 Lunch & Discussion      
14:00 14:15 talk7 Thilo Stadelmann ZHAW School of Engineering Datalab - The Data Science Group at ZHAW School of Engineering 
14:15 14:30 talk 8 Malte Helmert Uni Basel AI in Basel: Who we are and what we do
14:30 15:00 talk 9 Jendrik Seipp Uni Basel Counterexample-guided Abstraction Refinement for Classical Planning
15:00 15:30 talk 10 Jan Burse XLOG Technologies GmbH Practical Applications of a Constraint Framework
15:30 15:45 Coffee Break      
15:45 16:30 Assembly Meeting ALL SGAICO 2014 Plans Data Science Event March 2014
Topics for other SGAICO events 2014/2015
AI/CogSci in Swiss University Education


The EPFL Campus map can be found here (Building BC is in the middle left).




Kosten: The event is free of charge and open to all interested parties. Membership in SGAICO or SI is not required.
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