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Wanted: Brilliant Software Architects


23.04.2013 17:00 - 23.04.2013 18:30
CS Tower, Auditorium
Hagenholzstrasse 20/22 - 8050 Zürich Schweiz




This talk presents a software technology known as the "Emerging Systems Paradigm", based on Component Oriented Architecture as Interchangeable Software Parts used in building Software Intensive Systems. Systems are not built manually. Systems are formally specified and Composition Engine is used to produce an executable system variant, known as the Product.

Complexity to manage i.e. understand and build transient architectures scales well with the number of its parts, thus linearising the otherwise exponential complexity curve typically found in systems built using mainstream. 

The Brilliant Architect is challenged to properly partition and specify the architecture that is to be instantiated. Architectural Fragments and Interchangeable Software Parts are reused to build multiple systems for a single domain. Specifications are planned and used to absorb all integration and variation dependent modifications. System evolution is reduced to updating  the architectural specification. System extension is based on a mere addition of components.

This talk addresses the Brilliant Architect along with his middle management and business people seeking opportunities in overcoming limitations of contemporary Software Technologies. 

Academia, political and millitary intelligence are cordially invited to benefit from this Swiss event.

The participants shall witness a demonstration of one of the most promising paradigms for building software-intensive systems of the near future.



ProSoftwarica is a Software Engineering Think Tank, best described by its motto: 

Never let a Human do a Machine Job; Never let a Machine do a Human Job;



Milan Ignjatovic has over 30 years experience in the field of Software Engineering including Training, Coaching, Programming, Architecture Definition, Publishing and Presenting to the World-Wide Audience.

Milan Ignjatovic
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