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Understanding tablet usage: Research insights, trends & design implications

ETH Zürich

25.04.2013 18.30 - 25.04.2013 20.00
ETH Zürich, building ML, Room: ML E12 (entry via F-floor)
Sonneggstrasse 3 - 8092 Zürich
The popularity of tablet computers has grown significantly recently. Tablet ownership is increasing rapidly, with tablets quickly becoming the most popular piece of technology. While tablets initially were most popular in personal environments, they are now starting to be the device of choice for educational as well as professional settings. With the increasing number of highly-engaged tablet users rises an immediate need for the development of applications targeted for such devices. The precursor to designing successful tablet applications is to gain a thorough understanding of how people use those devices today. 
This talk will detail original research in this domain as well as review other user and market research to highlight when, where, why, and how people interact with content on tablets. Insights are drawn from various research using surveys, diary studies, interviews, and observations. The talk will also discuss trends that are starting to emerge, challenges, as well as implications for designing for tablet devices.


Anschliessend wie immer Znacht in Jimmy's Pizzeria! - Dinner at Jimmy's Pizzeria!

Hendrik Müller (Mueller) is a senior user experience researcher at Google currently in Sydney, Australia. He leads user research for Google Drive, supports Google Docs, and previously worked on Google Health and several other products. His research interests focus on file management, cloud storage, collaboration, mobile devices, and survey methodology among other methods. Hendrik received his master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, in 2007.
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