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Platform based approach for automation of workflows in large scale IT-Landscape


20.02.2014 17:00 - 20.02.2014 18:00
CS Tower, Auditorium
Hagenholzstrasse 20 - 8050 Zürich Schweiz

After the presentation you are welcome to join us for a refreshment (sponsored by Oracle)





Automation of workflows has been the focus of much research for

more than three decades. In this presentation we describe how to achieve

automation of workflows, not only in a single application but in an entire

landscape of applications. How can distinctive types of workflow

applications be built in an IT landscape? How can the SOA and BPM

perspectives be combined in a very large scale system of systems context?

We define a platform based approach for the automation of workflows which

is in contrast with the classical single application based approach for

workflow automation. Furthermore, we describe the core concepts of our

workflow execution platform and provide an overview of the results.





Tarmo Ploom

Biographie: Tarmo Ploom holds Ph.D., MBA, Ms.Ec, Ms.Eng degrees. He is

working as Senior IT Architect in the Integration Architecture department

of Credit Suisse since 2006. He is The Open Group Master Certified IT


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