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DBTA Workshop on Semantic Data Processing

DBTA Informationssysteme

07.02.2014 09:30 - 07.02.2014 16:30
Sky Lounge, Stade de Suisse
- Bern

Event Description


DBTA Workshop on Semantic Data Processing

Over the last few years, not only the sheer volume of data that have to be handled by many applications has significantly grown in volume, but also their heterogeneity has increased. Hence, data integration has become more and more important to deal with the heterogeneity of different data sources. A key to data integration is the use of semantic technology that focusses on the meaning and relationship of data and information.While traditional information technology predefines meanings and relationships into data formats and the application program code at design time, semantic technology, by contrast, encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application program code (i.e., an abstraction layer above traditional information technology. In addition, as data and informations are inherently afflicted with uncertainty, semantic fusion (e.g., for example of multi-source sensory data), is a way to reduce the uncertainty in the reasoning process.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners actively working on aspects of Data Integration and Semantic Data Processing in the context of Big Data to foster discussions on novel scientific trends and recent developments from leading-edge industry and academic institutions.

After a workshop entitled Big Data, Cloud Data Management, and NoSQL (with focus on 'Volume of Big Data') which was held in October 2012, this workshop will be dedicated to 'Variety in Big Data'. In summer 2014, a third workshop of this mini-series with focus on 'Velocity in Big Data' (i.e., data streams) is planned.


Please note: The workshop is for SI/DBTA members only.

Date: February 7, 2014, 10:00 – 16:30, Welcome Coffee at 9:30 
Place: Sky Lounge, Wankdorf Stadium, Berne



09:30Welcome Coffee
10:00Marc Lieber, Principal Consultant at Trivadis AG, Basel
Introduction to ontologies; Technological challenges; Combining relational databases and ontologies.
10:45Prof. Dr. Abraham Bernstein, University of Zürich.
Title: tba
11:30Coffee Break
11:45Dr. Vincent Lenders, Research Program Manager at armasuisse S&T, Thun.
Big Data Challenges and Solutions in Open Source Intelligence.
12:30Prof. Dr. Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, University of Fribourg.
Title: tba.
14:00Dr. Albert Blarer, Principal Consultant at Trivadis AG, Zürich.
Handling uncertainty of data and information.
14:45Coffee Break
Title: tba
15:45Meinrad Weiss, Senior Technology Manager at Trivadis AG, Basel.
The Microsoft Big Data architecture approach
16:30End of workshop


Organized by:

Prof. Dr. Heiko Schuldt, University of Basel
Dr. Martin Wunderli, CTO, Trivadis AG



  • Dr. Vincent Lenders: Big Data Challenges and Solutions in Open Source Intelligence.

    Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence derived from public information. OSINT is currently experiencing a huge boom in the industry. While traditional OSINT sources such as news reports, journals or TV are well known, the rise of online social media has led to a new situation in which hundreds of millions of people around the world are actively contributing to openly available content. Recent use cases have demonstrated the collective power of this user-generated content with promising new applications in investment, marketing, defense and security. However, the challenge in a hyper-connected world where the volume of data and information from heterogeneous sources continues to grow exponentially is how to find the weak signals and interconnections in this ocean of superfluous noise. Innovative and scalable methods are therefore needed to retrieve, store and find useful patterns in petabytes of unstructured data efficiently. This talk will survey recent challenges in OSINT and potential solutions to turn large amounts of unstructured data into actionable intelligence.



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