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It all starts at the box: Designing usable search experiences in the age of Google and Amazon

Software Ergonomics

25.09.2014 18.30 - 25.09.2014 20.00
Sonneggstrasse 3 - 8092 Zürich

Dr. Alexandros Paramythis, M.Sc. & Dipl.-Ing. Doris Divotkey, Contexity AG


Today's searchers are users with high expectations, having become accustomed to finding exactly what they need online within seconds. Designing usable search experiences that can meet such expectations is a challenging task, and the questions a designer has to answer are often daunting: What are the information needs of my users? What forms of searching should be supported? How should results be presented? What tools do the users need for manipulating the search space? How may context affect search behavior? And the list goes on... This talk will introduce some of the models, practices and principles that can lead to well-founded answers to such questions. We will also address the subject of treating search as an integral part of the interaction paradigms of modern systems, liberating it from the confines of the search results' page. The concepts discussed will be exemplified through best practices derived from user-based research and will primarily draw from the domains of web-, intranet- and e-commerce- search. The presentation will be accompanied by pointers to material and more detailed information for the designers' toolbox.


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Alexandros holds a PhD in the area of Adaptive Systems. His research and teaching have revolved around HCI, personalization and search, areas in which he has authored or co-authored approximately sixty publications for books, scientific journals, and international conferences and workshops. He is co-founder and technical lead of Contexity AG, where he specializes in information retrieval, data mining and analysis, user modeling and recommender systems.

Doris received her engineering diploma in the field of Computer Science. She has been involved in research projects, both at the national and the EU levels, first at the Vienna University of Technology, and later in the Communication and Knowledge Media study programme at the School of Informatics, Communication and Media at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. She specializes in data modelling, knowledge representation, and information retrieval, analysis and visualization.

About Contexity AG

Contexity was founded in 2013 and provides tools and services covering the conception, implementation and deployment-at-scale of state-of-the-art search and recommendation solutions.



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