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IC - 19th Research Day - The Computational Universe

EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences

30.06.2015 08.30 - 30.06.2015 16.30
Swiss Tech Convention Center
Route Louis-Favre 2 - 1024 Lausanne


Theoretical computer science has largely evolved in an attempt to rigorously understand what computational models and resources can and cannot do. In a short span, it has matured significantly, has seen remarkable success on several of its foundational questions, and is one of the most vibrant disciplines. Moreover, these efforts are resulting in unexpected, but perhaps inevitable, payoffs: as it stands today with its models, tools and techniques, theory has also become a powerful lens to view nature and society. Several fundamental problems in biology, economics, physics and social sciences are inherently computational and can be, and are being, tackled by theory.


The focus of this research day would be to present its audience with a vista of this computational universe: from foundations to addressing outstanding problems in the sciences, and how to make it big in online ad markets!

During the morning, we will welcome three distinguished speakers who will explore this field:

  • Avi Wigderson, Institute for Advanced Study: The "P vs. NP" Problem: efficient computation, Internet security, and the limits to human knowledge
  • Muthu Muthukrishnan, Rutgers University and Microsoft Research: Algorithms in the Field: the online advertising example
  • Christos Papadimitriou, UC Berkeley: Life under the Lens

In the afternoon, there will be a Poster Session, in which labs from the IC School will present their latest research.

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