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Channel Mapping for a more holistic UX design view

Software Ergonomics

28.08.2014 18.30 - 28.08.2014 20.00
Sonneggstrasse 3 - 8092 Zürich

Benoît Pointet, UX Architect, Liip AG


Benoit Pointet will show us, how he uses this method and how it adds to a more holistic ux view. Channel Mapping is a research method that places the to-be-designed product in the larger realm of the service / business it belongs to. Done early in the design process, it provides a “connected view” of a product and informs and orients scope and design decisions throughout the design process.


Anschliessend wie immer Znacht in Jimmy's Pizzeria!


UX Architect at Liip AG, Benoit Pointet is passionate about the tools and methods of design. His holistic approach to experience design favors strong stakeholders and customers involvement, through a mix of classical or uncanny methods.

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